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Welcome to Chamber Irish Whiskey’s cask collection. We are offering a limited opportunity to own casks of new make whiskey. Buying and owning something that is out of your immediate reach can be confusing – so we have built the latest and most reassuring system available for owning casks.

Each cask is represented by a Digital Certificate of ownership which offers security and a host of other benefits. Using this cert, you can hold or sell your cask online while it is in storage. Your cask comes with 5 years FREE warehouse storage included.

Documentation & Security

✓ Purchase receipt issued.

✓ Cask serial number issued to you.

✓ Certificate of Ownership secured on the blockchain.

✓ Cask tracked on Irish Government EMCS system.

✓ Cask number stored on our secure database


Irish Single Malt
American Bourbon Cask
includes 5 years warehousing
Irish Single Malt
Oloroso Sherry Cask
5 years warehousing included
Irish Single Malt
Madeira Cask
5 Years Warehousing Included - Coming Soon


*PURCHASE AGREEMENT: CHAMBER SPIRITS IRELAND LIMITED (“the Company”) sells casks of new make spirit to be matured into Irish Whiskey, guaranteed with digital certificates (Digital Certs – unique asset codes generated on the blockchain), henceforth referred to as ‘product’ or ‘products’ in this purchase agreement. By purchasing products from the Company, you become the ‘product holder’ and agree to the following terms and conditions, which apply to products sold by the company:

The products sold by the Company are subject to availability. The Company reserves the right to change or modify the cask types represented on the website. Should any availability issues arise directly after sale, customers shall be notified prior to filling and offered a refund.

No guarantee of increasing value: The value of the products sold by the Company may fluctuate based on market conditions and other factors. The Company makes no guarantee that the products will appreciate in value or that the purchaser will be able to sell them for a profit. Purchase of the products carries a level of risk, including the risk of losing the initial value.

No investment advice: The information provided by the Company regarding the products sold is not investment advice and should not be construed as such. The purchaser is solely responsible for making their own purchase decisions.

Compliance with laws: The purchaser of the products is responsible for ensuring that their purchase and possession of the products is legal in their jurisdiction.

The purchaser acknowledges that the Company is not responsible for the duty and tax due on the products if the physical product(s) is released from bonded storage and that the purchaser is solely responsible for complying with any applicable laws, rules, or regulations related to the purchase and ownership of the products.

The standard storage period is 5 years. Supplementary storage fees (€2 per cask per bourbon cask per month or €5 per sherry butt per month at the time of writing, subject to change) shall be charged annually for periods beyond 5 years. The storage fee invoice will be sent to the cask holder’s last known contact address on file and the product holder is responsible for ensuring that the address on file is up to date.

After the standard 5 year maturation period, in the event that the product holder fails to claim the physical cask or sell it to a new product holder, for two consecutive years, or fails to pay the additional storage fees for any additional storage years or sell the product to a new product holder for two consecutive years, the product holder shall forfeit all rights and ownership of the cask to Chamber Spirits Ireland Limited. The product holder shall have no further claim or interest in the products, and shall indemnify and hold harmless Chamber Spirits Ireland Limited from any and all claims or liabilities arising out of the product holder’s failure to claim ownership of the products or pay the storage fees.

After the standard 5 year maturation period, Chamber Spirits Ireland Limited may offer the option to purchase the product back from the customer at fair market value, as determined by an independent appraiser. By purchasing the cask and associated Digital Cert, the cask holder agrees that Chamber Spirits Ireland limited is under no obligation to repurchase products or to sell products on behalf of product holders. If Chamber Spirits Ireland Limited offers to purchase the products, it shall assume full ownership of the cask and all associated rights and obligations.

By purchasing products from the Company, the purchaser acknowledges and agrees to the above terms and conditions. The purchaser also agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Company, its officers, directors, employees, and agents from any claims, damages, or expenses arising out of or in connection with the purchaser’s purchase or possession of products sold.

Please note that this agreement is not intended to provide legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. You should consult with a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction to obtain legal advice tailored to your specific situation.



Our casks are stored in bonded facilities in Ireland for a standard 5 years, free of charge, with the option to extend the storage period. As the Irish whiskey market continues to grow, owning a cask can lead to a profitable increase in value.

Portability: The Digital Cert can be traded online to transfer ownership of your cask to any buyer when the value is right for you. This digital cert can be verified on the blockchain creating trusted and traceable proof of cask ownership and facilitating peer-to-peer sales. 

Security: Your asset comes with the highest layer of security available. You will receive a digital asset verified on the blockchain ensuring a transparent and unforgeable record of ownership.

Authenticity: Casks are not generally re-sold online while in storage as there is no real means of validation. However, as these Digital Certs are verified on the blockchain without the possibility of counterfeiting they can be traded and sold easily.

Flexibility: Owning a cask with a Digital Cert gives you a flexible and compliant means to exit your investment at any time of your choosing without the need for an alcohol license and without the need to move the physical cask.



Buying a cask from Chamber Irish Whiskey is easy. Browse our range of casks and choose your preferred type. Add it to your cart and pay online by card or Google pay.

The serial number of the physical cask will be sent to you and all details will be added to our database. Your Digital Cask Certificate will be stored in your digital wallet which is secured by blockchain technology.

Get your new wallet in one one click or simply enter your existing wallet ID during purchase.



When you buy a cask from Chamber Irish Whiskey, it includes 5 years of FREE bonded storage in our facilities in Ireland, until it reaches maturation. This includes all storage and insurance fees in the initial cost. If after 5 years you wish to continue maturation, additional storage options are available.

All of our casks are tracked on the Irish Government EMCS system for added security and transparency. With our secure storage, you can be assured that your investment is in good hands.



Owning a cask from Chamber Irish Whiskey provides you with the flexibility to trade it any time during or after the maturation period.

Holders of the Digital Cert can trade it in for the corresponding physical cask any time after the minimum 5 year maturation period.

Holders can also sell their Digital Cert through any digital asset marketplace such as opensea. Or sell it to another Irish whiskey company, or sell it to a private cask collector.

If holders do decide to trade in their Digital Cert for their physical cask, dispatch will be arranged using standard freight with VAT and Duty payable for Irish customers, no VAT or Duty for EU/international customers.

Alternatively, you can have your cask bottled for a nominal fee, with VAT and Duty payable based on your location.

With multiple options for trading and selling your cask, you have the freedom to liquidate your purchase in a way that suits your needs.

1. Alex visits jasont352.sg-host.com and buys a bourbon cask online.

2. The Digital Cert is instantly transferred Alex’s Metamask wallet who also receives a purchase receipt and cask ID.

3. The Chamber team books in the cask to be filled and stored at the distillery, usually completed within a few weeks.

4. The cask is matured and after three years, becomes Irish Whiskey. However Chamber casks are stored for a standard 5 years for improved flavour and cask value.

5. After 5 years, Chamber Whiskey offers to buy back the cask at the increased value from Alex to use for their products.

6. Alex sells the Digital Cert to Chamber who transfer the funds. Transfer Complete!

1. Jess visits jasont352.sg-host.com and buys a bourbon cask online.

2. The Digital Cert is instantly transferred Jess’s Metamask wallet.

3. The Chamber team books in the cask to be filled and stored at the distillery, usually completed within a few weeks.

4. The cask is matured  for a standard 5 years.

5. After 5 years, Jess decides to increase the value of the cask by storing it with Chamber for a further 2 years.

6. Chamber bills Jess €48 for the additional 2 years storage.

7. Towards the end of year 7, Jess sells the Digital Cert on an online market place. The cask now belongs to a new owner. Complete!

8. This new owner decides to exchange the Digital Cert for the physical cask. Since the whiskey is exiting bonded storage, Chamber bills the new owner for tax & duty and the  aged whiskey is delivered.



Metamask is a cryptocurrency wallet and browser extension that allows users to interact with decentralized applications (dApps) on the blockchain. It serves as a bridge between the user’s web browser and the blockchain, allowing them to securely manage their digital assets, such as Digital Certs, and use dApps without the need for a separate wallet or software. Securely store your Digital Cert here.


Yes, you can trade your cask any time during or after the maturation period.

After the minimum 5-year maturation period all of the ways outlined above can be used to exit

You can trade in your Digital Cert for the actual cask after the minimum 5-year maturation period.

You can arrange collection or choose to have it dispatched for a transport fee at cost price.

Alternatively you can have it bottled for a nominal fee. VAT and Duty are payable based on your location.

The initial storage period for a cask is 5 years in our bonded facilities in Ireland.

All storage and insurance fees for the 5 year maturation period are included in the initial cost.

If you wish to continue the aging process additional storage add ons will be available. The standard procedure for additional years is a small annual fee.

 Details subject to above purchase agreement.

The liquid becomes Irish Whiskey after 3 years but the current gold standard for the best flavour in the industry is 5 years. We recommend 5 years for the best flavour and hence the best cask value.

You can trade your cask any time from years 1 – 5 but we recommend availing of our 5 years free storage.


If you have any questions about our whiskey casks and want to speak with a representative just fill in the form below


If you have any questions about our whiskey casks and want to speak with a representative fill in the form below