Chamber Whiskey

Our story

Whiskey as unique as its origins

Long ago, the love of Cael Ua Neamhnainn, Creidhe, created ales and spirits in her chamber of silver and yellow gold. With Cael killed in battle, the traditions are carried on and old chambers of whiskey are left behind.

In the present, at an Irish distillery, a chamber door is cracked open to uncover a similarly forgotten 75 year old cask. It is resurrected but the contents are thick and undrinkable – until the distillery performs a special straining technique which transforms it into a rich dark liquid. The glass is handed from the veteran to a young distiller who sips it and is enchanted by the flavour.

This resurrection has inspired us to seek out the undiscovered, the rare and the old. From this same distillery, rare whiskey is claimed by the modern and Chamber Irish Whiskey is born.


Two boys double jobbing as home brewers, one a scientist, one a distillery worker, and their timely unification with a finance worker and an entrepreneur. We are the marriage of four Dublin lads with a shared passion for whiskey and a hunger for something unique and complex. Old traditions reimagined.


To create whiskeys that are luxurious, big on flavour and complex

To drive our unique sherry influence and show it to the world

To showcase innovative cask influences

To celebrate the renaissance of whiskey and its embracement by the modern generation


We identify only most innovative maturation techniques, the finest flavours and most premium cask finishes available. Our whiskey expertise leads us to select and bottle liquid bursting with character and distinction.

She has clear vessels of fermenting ale;
Cups she has, and beautiful goblets.
The color of her house is white like lime;
Within it are couches and green rushes;
Within it are silks and blue mantles;
Within it are red gold and crystal cups.
Of its sunny chamber the corner stones
Are all of silver and yellow gold,
Its roof in stripes of faultless order
Of wings of brown and crimson red.